CAGE (पिंजरा)


Unaware and unknown,
We are caught in a cage
Of void ideas and thoughts
Where the mind is shaped
And cast in desired moulds.

Unknown the joys and bliss
Of flight in open blue skies
Like a bird caged, confined,
We also love only fluttering
Behind the bars and meshes.

Being captive by ignorance,
Fail to judge right and wrong
And oppose the social rights
for women, caste and labour
By rules crammed and taught.

Generation to generation,
These tattered thoughts
Are instilled in our mind,
Seeds of which planted
At the birth hour of child
Also like a plant watered,
manured and trimmed
As required time to time.

Awake! Awake! Break this
Unseen and hidden cage,
A cage of narrow mindset;
Open the window of heart,
Let new light enter and flow
To replace the dark with glow
Then venture a new life ahead
With strong and positive brain.

Dr. Shagufta Naaz

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